How to use a self service wash

  1. Use the products in the order listed on the signs. They’re in that order to help you get the best wash possible.
  2. Put the pre-soak on the car. This is a stronger soap that helps work through the road grime and stubborn dirt.
  3. Use the wash/soap setting Spray from the bottom up on the car to help dirt slide off on the soapy film
  4. Check the foam brush for dirt and debris. Take the brush and gently scrub the entire car from bottom. This helps remove anything that the soap cycle wasn’t able to remove.
  5. Spray the car with wax. Spray the entire car.
  6. Rinse off the wax with the rinse setting. Go from top to bottom on this one to make sure it all gets cleared off
  7. Tire cleaner helps get those tough stains off the tires and rims. Be careful and don’t get that on any painted parts of your car.
  8. Spot free rinse helps remove any spots that may form when the car dries. Spray this on the entire car top to bottom.